Pomerania and Kujawy Grand Prix 2019

Grand Prix Pomorza i Kujaw ENG / - Grand Prix Pomorza i Kujaw -


When: 7.12 (Saturday) - 8.12 (Sunday)

System: MacMahon, order by MMS, SOS, SODOS, DC

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Beginner tournament
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13x13 boards
Bydgoski Klub Go


Rules: Japanese

Number of rounds: 5

Komi: 6,5 moku

Time: 60 min + 30s byo-yomi

Entry fee: What you want ;-) cash is great, but we also accept entry fees in the form of a prize for the prize pool.


  • I place - 150 €
  • II place - 100 €
  • III place - 50 €
  • Prize for the best below the "top-bar"
  • prize for the best classified woman
  • Prize for 4 and 5 wins
  • Prize drawn among the non-awarded 
    that are present at the ending ceremony.

Tournament program


    • 09:00 – registration start, opening
    • 10:00 – first round
    • 13:00 – second round
    • 16:00 – lunch break
    • 16:30 – third round
    • 19:30 – planned end of the third round


    • 09:45 – confirmation of attendance
    • 10:00 – fourth round
    • 13:00 – fifth round
    • 16:00 – official prize giving ceremony
    • 16:30 – planned finish of the tournament
Dodatkowe atrakcje

HONOR GUEST: YOUNGSAM KIM - will accompany us from Friday evening and we will be able to enjoy his company until the end of the event. It's hard to say anything more about him - a class in itself, a very nice man, and you probably know how he plays go ... (Who doesn't know should find out immediately ... ;-))

Show sushi preparation and tasting: JTraditionally, our colleague will show us how to prepare sushi. He gained knowledge in Japan from local specialists, he consumed unwavering enthusiasm in its preparation, which translates into the quality of the products presented. Over the years of our event, he managed to form a group of loyal supporters.

Slow joging: Can you run slowly? And if so, why? Meeting with an instructor and enthusiast. Or maybe it's worth a try? Nothing but desire will not be needed.


Revenue and Accommodation

Tournament Location

IV Liceum Ogólnokształczące im. Kazimierza Wielkiego

ul. Stawowa 39

85-001 Bydgoszcz

Contact information:

Wojciech Szychowiak: wojciechszychowiak (AT) poczta.onet.pl

Klaudiusz Grabowski: azukayy (AT) wp.pl

IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Kazimierza Wielkiego


We recommend 2 places to stay:

In addition, there is a number of accommodation options in Bydgoszcz to choose from.